About Us

Aspekto was founded in 2018 as a contemporary bohemian brand, offering a space for women to express themselves with jewels that best reflect their positive vibes.


Meet Mildred

Mother, Military wife, Jewelry

designer, Entrepreneur & Lupus warrior

After graduating from Boston University in 2015, I started working in a diamond shop temporarily while searching for a professional job in my field.  I had no knowledge of diamonds or any other gems. However, that company provided me education on the matter, where and how gems are formed, their colors, clarity, ideal cuts and what they provide, among other things. In the process, an immense love for stones emerged.

Gemstone jewelry are so expensive and unaffordable, that I started creating jewelry for personal use and I received so many  compliments from my friends and family that Aspekto Jewelry came up.

I would love to hear from our customers, whether it be ranting or raving. Let us know how we can make your shopping experience better!





Our Jewelry

Our jewelry collections are handcrafted and made to order. We use natural gemstones and freshwater pearls with 100% recycled sterling silver in some pieces and stainless steel.

We are very passionate about the environment and try to be as ethical and sustainable as possible - but of course we are always looking at ways to be more eco-friendly!

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"Do what makes you happy"